About LPC Electronics


LPC Electronics was started in 2015 by Laurian Petru Chirila to develop automotive products that not only increase fuel efficiency but also provide consumers with alternative environment-friendly solutions. The company understands the need for cleaner and healthier air especially in big cities where cars and other vehicles increasingly pollute the atmosphere with emissions.

Environment-friendly Inventions

LPC Electronics creates incredible, environment-friendly products that are not only top quality, but makes vehicles more efficient and help contribute to cleaner air.

President and Founder

Laurian Petru Chirila


Laurian Petru Chirila started LPC Electronics in 2015 after realizing there was a consumer need for fuel efficient automotive product, alternatives that will keep our air clean and healthy. After creating the prototype intelligent spark plug, Laurian used the product to test his theory on a 2002 Chrysler Concorde 2.7 liter V6 engine at a California Smog Check Station by changing only the spark plugs and using same gasoline at the same ambient temperature. The results were incredible and soon LPC Electronics was born.

Laurian is named an inventor in 9 released US patents and he has more US patent applications in process.