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Intelligent Spark Plug 360

LPC Intelligent Spark Plugs


LPC Electronics has engineered a new, intelligent spark plug making some serious buzz in the fuel efficiency and healthier environment space. It’s called the Intelligent Spark Plug 360 and is the only feasible solution to cut the smog from today’s existing 1 Billion gasoline vehicles. Intelligent Spark Plug 360 can also improve the new engines that will be built for future vehicles. This incredible invention can fix the past and fix the future.

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Swirling Intake valves

LPC Swirling Intake valves


We created our Swirling Intake Valves because of the heavy toll cars, motorbikes and electric-powered generators leave on the air. The valves are designed to twist the fuel-air mixture getting better mixture. Using the Coanda effect for fluids, most of the mixture will be directed under the intake valve, towards the piston and not towards the cylinder walls The end result is a more efficient, environment friendly product for the consumer.

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